Learn how to BOUNCE BACK 

From any Life Transition or Loss and Create a Happier Tomorrow!


The 11 Principles of Transformation®


This Will Be a Life Experience!


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Who Would Benefit from this Course?

Committed and hopeful men and women who want to  transform their lives, despite any loss or challenging life transition.  It was created for people who want to feel better, embrace hope, and become the person they dream to be.

The greatest insight YOU CAN achieve in doing this program,  is the realization that you can be transformed into a better version of yourself.  It is not forgetting about one’s loss, but to be empowered through loss.  This program will serve as guide or road map,  to becoming an amazing and empowered human being.

Remember…as you transform your loss. You transform your life.


Read what others are saying about Ligia Houben's Program The 11 Principles of Transformation®


"Participating in the seminar of The 11 Principles by Ligia Houben is a revealing and vastly emotional experience. Besides acquiring a set of tools, we realize that we can develop wonderful abilities to face our fears and move forward out of our overwhelming situations. In this way, we understand that to process our loss and our grief, it is necessary to practice and live these principles consciously and find that the key to transforming our losses into hope resides within us!!! It is a very motivating life experience when shared with others and be able to see the emotional growth that we have already experienced! "

- Mayra Elena 

"The seminar of the Eleven Principles of Transformation by Ligia Houben is a very enriching experience, which allows those who have experienced a loss to find practical and useful tools to process and transform it with a new meaning for their lives. Her method utilizes experiential exercises that allow us to delve into ourselves and discover we can have a life with hope. The warmth, empathy, and simplicity with which Ligia interacts with the participants makes this seminar a space of love, understanding, personal development and transformation."

- Oralí Flores

"I just want to say thank you again for putting me into such a calm state when I needed it most.  After almost three hundred hours of class time you are the only person that I felt safe with to touch my inner subconscious.  I take it very serious as to what goes into a persons subconscious.  You are the healer that I would like to be.   I want my clients to come to me and feel safe and to leave as though they have been wrapped in a blanket of love and peace.  I want them to become love and at peace, in order to spread it from one person to the next.  

Miami is blessed to have you to help heal in such a loving and caring way. With much love and gratitude."

 - TJ Clayton


Meet Ligia M. Houben


In our life journey we encounter many losses… some can be overwhelming or too painful to accept.

My purpose in creating the 11 Principles of Transformation® system as an online program, is to share with you, empowering and helpful tools to help you transform your loss into personal and spiritual growth. I have shared this system with a great number of people through live seminars, workshops, and through my self-help book (which is included with this program), Transform your Loss. Your Guide to Strength and Hope.

For many years I have helped  thousands of people facing losses such as:

  • - The loss of a loved one
  • - A divorce or romantic break-up
  • - Loss of health
  • - Loss of a pet
  • - Loss of a job

As we experience grief, we need support and understanding. Allow me to provide you guidance and care in your grieving path, so you can evolve into a happier and joyful version of yourself.

If you have been looking for a meaningful way to embrace life again after a loss…The 11 Principles of Transformation®



"What You Ignore Does Not Cease to Exist, It Is Only Repressed"

- Ligia M. Houben


The material presented in this program is based on the personal and professional experience of Ligia M. Houben. The purpose of this program is to provide the member with helpful and inspiring resources to transform any loss and therefore change his or her life.  This program is not therapy or counseling.  It is an empowering system that goes beyond grief. It helps people find meaning and embrace life again. As a member of this program you understand that you are responsible to participate in this program and that you indemnify the creator of the system, Ligia M. Houben, Life Transitions Consultant and Coach and Certified Grief Counselor, and operators of the site, against any claim or actions arising from this program.


Register for the 11 Principles of Transformation® Early Notifications List & Receive a FREE Download of her E-Book " 11 Myths & Realities Regarding Loss"

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